Latest information on operational modifications for fall 2021 Roadrunner Roadmap

Community Projects

The Educator's Academy

The Ethnic Studies Educators’ Academy will engage community members in analyzing race and shaping racially just visions, supported by decolonial methodologies in humanities, education, social sciences, and arts. The knowledge emerging from these collaborations will be shared through academic research publications.

The People's Academy

The project mobilizes year-long People’s Academies, in which multidisciplinary teams, facilitated by an anchoring community organization, support community-based groups in imagining racial justices for themselves and implementing projects in which Ethnic Studies and humanities experts help create the world those communities imagine.

DRJ Fellowships

Our first-gen graduate fellowships will prepare and hold public talks with community fellows, contribute to special projects and events, and will distribute accessible summaries online and through our newsletter. They are providers of our open space to the public as well as to our team members.