The Ethnic Studies Educators' Academy

esea-groupphoto-22-edit.pngThe Ethnic Studies Educators’ Academy plans to train educators in interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies and contribute to a collaborative teaching guide in the process. By the end of each annual academy, educators will co-produce this publicly accessible Ethnic Studies teaching guide on racial justice topics, emphasizing transformative, community-centered pedagogies, with components for use at the college level. By the end of the three-year project, DRJ will build a sustainable network of Ethnic Studies practitioners and pathways across the educational continuum, including community colleges, four-year universities, graduate programs, and community centersand connect them all through the community-focused projects at the People’s Academies.

The Ethnic Studies Educators' Academy Committee selects participants through an application process in the Summer of every grant year.


Read the Ethnic Studies Educators' Academy Teaching Guide


The ESEA Committee

The Alamo Colleges District is our key institutional partner for the Educators’ Academies, co-creating multi-institutional transfer pathways in the humanities and Ethnic Studies.

2023 DRJ ESEA Coordinating Committee:

  • Dr. Carolina Arango-Vargas, DRJ Postdoctoral Fellow, UTSA
  • Karla Broadus, AAS Site Coordinator, UTSA
  • Justine Cantu, DRJ Multimedia Designer, UTSA
  • Yasmín Codina, DRJ Community Liaison, UTSA
  • Dr. Sandra Garza, Sub-Award Coordinator and MAS Site Coordinator, NVC
  • Dr. Lisa Ramos, MAS Site Coordinator, SAC
  • Dr. Lori Rodriguez, MAS Site Coordinator, PAC
  • Dr. Lilliana Saldaña, MAS Site Coordinator, UTSA
  • Gabriella Sanchez, DRJ Events Coordinator, UTSA
  • Dr. José Villagrán, DRJ Postdoctoral Fellow, UTSA