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Democratizing Racial Justice seeks to put higher education in service of communities of color. We seek to transform the role of higher education, through increasing access to Ethnic Studies and Humanities in service of racial justice. The DRJ is combating the erasure of people of color and their histories by centering people of color in creating collective voices for racial justice. With $5 million in support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we are able to create a new vision for higher education in our community and beyond.

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The DRJ offers resources via community-based endeavors to envision and realize racial justice. Through site-based collaborations and partnerships, Democratizing Racial Justice elevates co-created community knowledge for just societies, transforms access to the academy for people of color and first-gen students, and propagates transformative pedagogies in Ethnic Studies and the humanities.

Community Projects

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DRJ Fellowships

DRJ hosts a variety of fellows, including community fellows, arts fellows, student fellows, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty fellows. Fellows work in collaboration with various community groups to develop projects focused on racial justice.

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The People’s Academy

The People’s Academies team will work together with the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center and community participants to create a product to share with the public based on the group’s vision for racial justice and multidisciplinary skillset. Each product takes the form most suited to the team’s vision, methods, and capabilities, implementing projects in which Ethnic Studies and humanities faculty and students support the community's visions.

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The Educators’ Academy

The Ethnic Studies Educators’ Academy engages higher education faculty in analyzing race and shaping racially just pedagogies, supported by decolonial methodologies in the humanities. The knowledge emerging from these collaborations will be shared at public community events and in publications.

Who We Serve

Connecting Educators & Students
with the San Antonio Community

Our students, faculty, and community members will work in multiple endeavors and pathways; from internships, fellowships, teaching academies, and more to fight against racist ideologies. Our educators and students will learn to build and develop meaningful relationships with their local community from diverse backgrounds and origins by taking part in our fight for a just future.

News and Events

July 19, 21, & 23, 9 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Our Innaugural Ethnic Studies Educators' Academy will begin Monday, July 19th, and run from Friday, July 23rd.

Location: Virtual

Make A Gift

To support our racial justice efforts, please consider donating to the Department of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (REGSS) or the Women's Studies Institute (WSI).